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Fayette Street Academy

Santa Fe’s Small Alternative Private School

We are a small alternative private school serving elementary/middle school children in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our school is an independent not for profit, co-educational private school, teaching students ages six through fourteen. Our curriculum includes math, reading, writing, languages (Chinese, Greek, and Latin), geography, history, art, and music. These subjects are woven together and integrated in an age appropriate child-available format.

Our location is in a long established, modest, residential neighborhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 1980, classes have been held in small adobe buildings that retain an informal, nurturing, homey quality. Because our plant is simple, tuition cost can be kept to a minimum. For well over thirty years, we have offered high quality, individualized education with a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Individual attention is given to each child by every teacher in classes, during breaks, and on the athletic field. Parents also find that the classroom and staff are readily available and responsive on a daily basis. The environment throughout our school is very friendly and personal.

One advantage of our small private school is that all teachers know all children; therefore no child is lost or ignored. Feedback, not a letter grade, is given to children regarding writing, singing, mathematics, or art. Students and teachers are not restricted to standard text book material. Teachers create and research material in an ever evolving exploration, aimed at meeting the needs of each child.

Constant flow and movement is the theme when children are happy and balanced. Every day all the children head outside, with teachers in charge, for a midday break of games and activities. Twice a year a climbing course with ropes, harnesses, and rappelling is set up in The Big Elm tree on the school grounds for exciting, safe, and challenging whole body-brain development.

Parents are an integral part of their child’s learning. Helping with homework; joining in the rhythm of baseball and craft weeks; teaching a two hour class with others for Parents’ Weeks; cleaning and fixing up the buildings during the annual Clean Up Week are some of the ways parents support their student at Fayette.

We are a unique and very successful private school. For more than thirty years our students have taken how to learn in an integrated, self-referenced way with them on their journey through high school and college. We welcome you on any of our open-door visiting days throughout the school year.

We hope you will join us at our little private school in Santa Fe!

Fayette Street Academy, 830 Fayette Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505 982 3396